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We're a long-time happily married couple looking to adopt a newborn domestically in an open adoption through Independent Adoption Center. We live in Washington State and have a nice house with a huge yard that I love to garden in.  I am a housewife looking to become at stay at home mom and Don works in Technology for a local family company. We love our frequent travels and can't wait to share them with our future child.

We enjoy our 2 dogs and 2 cats and seeing our family and friends as often as possible.
We also love playing games, music, movies, reading and traveling. To learn more about us visit one of our links below or see our other page tabs here.

Please feel free to email us: donandnicoleadoption@gmail.com or call: 888-285-5113 or Text us: 360-836-0495

We're working with the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) which specializes in Domestic open adoptions. They have counselors available 24/7 by visiting adoptionhelp.org or by calling, toll free, 1-800-877-6736. You can view our IAC profile at http://www.iheartadoption.org/users/donnicoleadoption

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