Our Families

Don's family:
His parents and his uncle live in Southern California.  His sister and her husband live just down the street from us. He also has an aunt in West Virginia but we rarely get to see her.  
They are super excited that we're adopting and have been gathering gifts into a care package for when we are chosen.

Don's parent's on a trip we took to the Alamo
 Don's sister and her husband on their wedding day in Hawaii
Don and his sister on a layover in Amsterdam

Nicole's family:
I have family in southern California (my dad, 2 aunts, and an uncle), My brother's family is living in Texas, but the bulk of my family is here in Washington. We frequently visit Southern CA to see our families there.
A couple of my cousins live just down the street from us with their families (3-5 miles), My grandmother, mom and one of my nephews is about an hours drive away. My aunt and uncle used to live 18 miles from us but have since retired and are traveling the country now but we see them every time to come back this way to visit. Here is a picture of us a few years ago being silly after lots of family pictures.  My family is overjoyed that we're adopting and have already given us gifts for the nursery and our future child (crib, onesies, and homemade quilts a plenty).

We love goofing around - it's hard to get serious family pictures

 Grandma and I on her birthday
 visiting at my uncle's place in CA
Our good-bye breakfast with my dad and aunt

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