Thursday, March 5, 2015

Waiting to adopt and keeping positive

Staying positive and looking on the bright side during the wait can be a great challenge some days.  Most of the time we plug along with everyday tasks, always with a positive energy that today could be the day. So a few ways we keep upbeat:
  1. Always wake with hope.  Hope to dream what the day can be. I always wake with the thought that maybe we got a message, email, or call and that today could be the day that changes our life.
  2. Stay busy but don’t lose focus on your goals.
  3. For me personally blogging has helped a great deal with processing the everyday ups and downs. I also am inspired by the vast community who share their stories. 
  4. We play games – card games, board games, or games with the dogs and it ensures we spend quality time with each other and our pets.
  5. Smile! Even if alone I smile.  It’s amazing how it can uplift your mood.
  6. Listen to uplifting music
  7. Laughing.  Whether reading something funny, laughing with friends or family to watching funny movies and TV shows. Laughter helps ease tension.
  8. Travel.  When we travel I’m not glued to adoption related social media and it’s a get-away from the adoption mind set. Plus we get to enjoy new experiences.
  9. Sleep.  I can be a much more positive influence on myself and others with the right amount of sleep.
  10. Exercise.  Just walking the dogs around the neighborhood helps give me hope that one day I’ll be walking with our child and our dogs. Also exercise relieves stress and tension.
  11. Our positive reinforcement plaque 


  1. The waiting is such a hard stage. I have a similar post myself! The skills you are using will serve you well once you become parents, trust me!

  2. Thank you! I read your post today and I fully appreciate the perspectives of others who've been here and as they raise their child(ren).

  3. A great list of ways to keep upbeat whilst waiting - I so remember the wait! Thanks for linking up to #WASO x